Peer Leadership Opportunities

What is a Peer Leader?


Peer Leaders at Journey House are students who are currently enrolled at U-W River Falls or Chippewa Valley Technical College and have a desire to actively participate as a leader in campus ministry.  We look for students who: have a desire to grow in their own Christian faith, want to find new ways to be equipped as young adult leaders, and who are open to using their gifts for the purpose of sharing Christ’s love with their peers, in the community and in the world.

Students who become peer leaders will have the opportunity to live in one of three available spaces at our ministry house across the street from the UWRF campus, and they can maintain residence for the duration they are serving as a peer leader. As part of living in the house, Peer Ministers agree to abide by a covenant that applies to all who live and work in the building.

Click here  for a full job description in printable format.

How Do I Become a Peer Leader?

To be a peer leader at Journey House, students need to fill out an application. Upon receipt of the application, the Campus Ministry Director, Deacon David Behling, will follow up to schedule an interview with you.  Student can expect the interview to be casual and non-anxious 🙂 .  If you are interested in more information or an application, please email Deacon David at

What responsibilities do Peer Leaders have?

We understand how busy student life can be, so we take student academic expectations in mind when delegating tasks among the peer leaders.  Typically, peer leaders have some “regular” tasks to help maintain the ministry house (light cleaning, shoveling snow, meal/activity cleanup, etc.).

Aside from these everyday responsibilities, each of our peer leaders may be asked to utilize their unique gifts to coordinate a small group of student volunteers who work together with the Campus Minister to keep ministry running smoothly.

For the coming year, it would helpful to have a Peer Minister with experience as a videographer or who is planning on learning the skills needed for that type for work during their time at UWRF. In past years it has often worked out to structure the different responsibilities of the Peer Ministry staff in the following way:

  1. Discipleship Coordinator will serve in the following ways:
    1. Worship Leader
    2. Bible Study Coordinator
    3. Service Project Leader
    4. Cross-Generational Leader
  2. Communications Coordinator will serve in the following ways:
    1. Facebook/Social Media Communicator
    2. Email Communicator
    3. Advertising Specialist
  3. Outreach Coordinator will serve in the following ways:
    1. Event Planner
    2. Gift Planner
    3. Activity Planner
    4. Campus Bridge

Because Journey House is here to serve the needs on campus and in our surrounding communities, we like to collaborate with as many students as possible so that we can intentionally plan and implement relevant ministry opportunities into each academic year.


If you’d like more information, or if you should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!