About Us

A Ministry with Roots


All Are Welcome Here: An Ecumenical Ministry


You Matter Here: A Welcoming Ministry

Proclaiming that You Matter Here is about creating an inclusive, safe and peaceful place where community, individuality, and diversity are all appreciated and where every voice is valued.

As we gather at different events or meet up one-on-one, we are aware of our differences: race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, physical ability, resilience, and political affiliation. We acknowledge that our world is divided, and our response to this is to create opportunities for us to learn from each other and to grow spiritually and socially.

As a people of hope, we can come together at Journey House to celebrate the beauty of humanity and work toward a future abundant in kindness.

You are loved. You are accepted. You Matter Here.

Who We Are

Sam Lenz

Meghan Jirik

David Rask Behling

Contact Us

Call or text: 715.425.2391

Email: journeyhousecampusministry@gmail.com

Facebook: @journeyhousecm

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