This I Believe Lunch, 9/22 at noon in the Falls Room (lower level) of the UC.


Come meet author, Habibo Haji, and hear her inspiring story of courage and overcoming adversity.

At six months of age, her mother brought her to live with her grandmother in a remote, primitive village in south central Somalia

 By the age of five, she was expected to take over for her grandmother herding the sheep and goats in the grasslands to fend off wild dogs, jackals, crocodiles at the river, and other young boys who would try to take advantage of her. 
She lived through civil war which threw her country into chaos with tribes fighting tribes and clans fighting clans. 
At fifteen years old, providence brought Habibo to the largest refugee camp in the world – Dadaab, which can now claim to be the second largest city in Kenya, a city of half a million refugees. Living there for three years, she cared for her younger brother and three sisters while living in a makeshift tent amongst one hundred and fifty thousand other refugees. Fearing for her life at night from marauders, rapists, thieves and murderers, she also witnessed the severe malnutrition of those around her, especially the very young and the very old. Providentially, she was selected to emigrate to America, which she did, by herself, with no relatives or friends, unable to speak the language and unfamiliar with western culture. 
Now, Habibo is working as a Registered Nurse at one of the premier medical facilities in the world – the Mayo Clinic. Habibo is one amazing woman. Not without scars and tears, she has not only survived but thrived throughout her life and continues to do so. Her inner strength of spirit and sheer determination are an example and encouragement to all people, men and women alike. Her devotion to her three children is at the forefront of her life. Her relentless pursuit of education helped her achieve the American dream – in less than twelve years. This is her story.



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